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Birthdate:Mar 13
Location:Devon, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Mad Martha's Fics
This archive has now been moved to my AO3 page. Please check out the Master List Of Stories if you are looking for a particular story, as the link will now lead to the new location.

For anyone who's new to my fanfic: I'm a die-hard, long-term Harry/Ron fan and author, and while I sometimes get the urge to write other pairings and gen-fic, I'd say 90% of what's posted here is primarily Harry/Ron. There's a lot of AU stuff, some of it accidentally AU because the books overtook the fics, but much of it is completely and unapologetically deliberate. I'm also very wordy; I do sometimes write short stuff, but I'd qualify that by saying that it's short for me! Mostly what I seem to write is epic, multi-part sagas. And kitchen-sink dramas, because really life is all about who does the laundry :-)
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